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I don’t believe it…

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Mike Hodgkiss
Mike Hodgkiss 12 April, 2018

Just when I think I know how absurd schools have become along comes another reason to cry out in desperation “I don’t believe it”.


As Al Pacino says in the third of the ‘Godfather’ films; “Just when I thought I was out…..they pull me back in”.

I don’t believe it…….

  • A school invested in 30 laptop computers to replace desk-top machines so that pupils could complete work and access the Internet for research purposes, wherever they were in the school and at home. Unfortunately, some of the laptops soon went “missing” so the governors came up with a clever solution; permanently attaching the laptops to the desks with a chain.
  • The SLT in a school felt that their staff lacked team spirit so introduced the idea of a ‘school jacket’ for all teachers. Staff reacted by shouting “hi-de-hi” at them whenever they met a member of SLT in the corridor.
  • One teacher wanting to introduce more self-assessment decided to use an incentive system for pupils when they marked their own work.
    • £1 for spotting an error
    • £2 for correcting it.
    • The teacher couldn’t understand why standards of work dropped and only removed the system after one student had got £132 in a fortnight!